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Colorsplash Flash

ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ (SKU): hb108


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Throw a colored flash burst onto dreamy long exposures, shocking instant shots, or daytime images. Standard hot shoe plug.


ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ (SKU): hb700fb


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This retro-style beauty inherited its looks from the original 1960s design. With its black color scheme, you can tell it’s a classic match for your Diana F+,... More

Fisheye Circle Cutter

ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ (SKU): fc100

12.00   8.50

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Your most precious lomographic prints can now be beautiful, curvy circles with just a twist of your hand. Using a tiny razor blade (6 of them are included),... More

Fisheye Submarine

ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ (SKU): fuh100

50.00   42.50

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Dive up to 20m (65feet) underwater with your Fisheye in its own submarine!

LCA + Splitzer

ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ (SKU): h300ls


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Lomo LC-A Instant Back+

ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ (SKU): h300inst


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The Lomo LC-A Instant Back+ is fully compatible with the Lomo LC-A and Lomo LC-A+ system. All Lomo LC-A lenses (Fisheye Lens, Tunnelvision Lens) and Lomo... More

Lomography Camera and Lens Pouch

ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ (SKU): z230pouch


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Can fit wide range of Lomography products such as the LC-A+, LC-Wide, Konstruktor, La Sardina, Lomokino, Fisheye One, Fisheye No.2, Diana Mini, 110 cameras,... More

Lomography FotoClips

ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ (SKU): z245clips

8.90   5.00

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These plastic clips are perfect for creating your own unique photgraph curtain or hanging display and are designed to clip neatly on to any photo. Each... More

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

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Instant Scanning, Instant Sharing iPhone and Android Compatible Complete Convenience Works With All 35mm Films

LomoKino Smart Phone Holder

ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ (SKU): z100sh


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The LomoKino Smart Phone Holder is a brand new accessory for the LomoKino. It allows you to digitalize your LomoKino movies directly from the LomoKinoScope...

Petzval Art Lens Cotton Bag



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100% cotton Silkscreened design Dimensions: Length 400mm, Width 320mm, Strap Height 230mm