7 Artisans'Lens

7artisans is an emerging lens brand for wide range of compact mirrorless cameras: Sony, Canon, Fujifilm, Panasonic and Olympus. We developed high quality lens including 35mm F1.2, 7.5mm F2.8, 12mm F2.8, 25mm F1.8, 35mm F2.0, 50mm F1.8, 55mm F1.4.

12mm f2.8 Fuji (FX Mount)

ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ (SKU): a603b

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Focus: manual Focal length: 12mm Aperture range: F2.8-F16 Angel of View: 102° Closet Focus Distance: 0.2m Blades Number: 7... More

25mm f1.8 M43 (Panasonic-Olympus )

ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ (SKU): a104b

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  Focal length: 25mm Aperture range: f/1.8-f16 Closest focus distance: 0.18m Blades Number: 12 diaphragm blades Construction: 7... More

7,5mm f2.8 Fuji (FX Mount)

ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ (SKU): a303b

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  Focus Scale: F2.8-22 Closest focus distance: 0.12m Aperture angle: 180 degree Lens Length: 55mm Blades Number: 11 diaphragm blades... More