Leica Finger Loop for Handgrip M, Q, X size S

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The Finger Loop for M-Multifunction Handgrip from Leica is a sturdy rubber finger loop that attaches to the Handgrip M or Multifunctional Handgrip and allows for improved handling of the Leica M Digital Rangefinder. The Finger Loop screws into the side of either handgrip and provides enhanced stability and security when shooting with the Leica M, especially when shooting with heavier lenses or shooting one-handed. Depending on your finger size and comfort level, you can place two or three fingers through the loop and keep your index finger free to press the shutter.

This particular finger loop is a size small and is very clean and in excellent condition.

Listing includes the small finger loop and Leica Store Miami 30-day used warranty.

Leica product code 14646

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