Compard Fix Ag fixer concentrate 500ml

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Fix Ag (Agefix) is a high-performance fixer concentrate for film and paper with acidic pH values. This highly concentrated liquid fixer is based on ammonium thiosulfate, and has an optimal composition with regard to fixing speed, yield and durability. Depending on dilution, the Fix Ag can be used as a normal or fast fixer bath and, with replenishment, can be used for processing in roller transport machines. AGFA original formula Dilution for film: 1+5 / 1+7 Yield for film: 70-150 films Dilution for paper: 1+7 / 1+9 Yield for paper: 12.5 m² Shelf life (at room temperature)
• Concentrate in the unopened original packaging: 2 years. Working solution and opened packaging: max. 3 months.

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